iOS DeCal

cs 198-001 : spring 2018


Syllabus (Spring 2018)

Week Lecture (Mon) Lab (Wed) Assignments
 Mon 1/29 
Wed 1/31
Swift Language No lab Swift Playground
(due 2/5)
Mon 2/5
Wed 2/7
MVC + Xcode Xcode Tutorial
Mon 2/12
Wed 2/14
Autolayout Drummer Hangman
(due 2/19)
Mon 2/19
Wed 2/21
No class (Academic Holiday) Snapchat Clone Navigation
Mon 2/26
Wed 2/28
Multiview Applications Pokedex Snapchat Clone Part 1
Mon 3/5
Wed 3/7
Table Views + Collection Views Custom App Work Day (+ Finish Pokedex)
Mon 3/12
Wed 3/14
Networking, Cocoapods, Alamofire, Firebase Snapchat Firebase Setup
Mon 3/19
Wed 3/21
Mid-Semester Review API lab Snapchat Clone Part 2
Mon 3/26
Wed 3/28
Spring Break Spring Break
Mon 4/2
Wed 4/4
Data persistance
(NSUserDefaults + Core Data)
Snapchat Camera
Mon 4/9
Wed 4/11
AVFoundation, Location, Mapkit Project Work Day Custom App
Mon 4/16
Wed 4/18
UI/UX + Programmatic Design Project Work Day
Mon 4/23
Wed 4/25
ARKit + Core ML Project Work Day
Mon 4/30 RRR Week Final Presentation
Attendance required

Course Staff


Nithi Narayanan
Nithi Narayanan
Chris Zielinski
Chris Zielinski

Teaching Assistants

Kevin Bunarjo
Kevin Bunarjo
Anna Leskova
Anna Leskova
Tao Ong
Tao Ong
RJ Pimentel
RJ Pimentel
David Xiong
David Xiong
Alex Yang
Alex Yang
Caroline Zhou
Caroline Zhou


Time/ Location

Each week, we will have one lecture and one lab, with attendance being required for both. Labs will be split up into two sections, which will be assigned on the first day of class.

Course Description

The iOS DeCal was started by Professor Dan Garcia (now our Faculty Advisor) in as MS-DOS X, a student-run Objective-C course for OS X (and later iOS) development. Rebooted in the Fall 2015 semester, the renamed iOS DeCal now operates with the latest devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV). By the end of the semester, students will have created a variety of apps, including one entirely of their own design.


How to use:


30% Projects
35% Assignments
35% Custom App

Prerequisites/ Requirements

Course Advisor

Dan Garcia
2001 - current

Former Facilitators

Paige Plander
spring 2017, fall 2017
Akilesh Bapu
spring 2017
Kuriakose (Sony) Theakanath
fall 2016
Lucy Xiao
fall 2016
Gene Yoo
fall 2015, spring 2016
Shawn D'Souza
fall 2015, spring 2016