iOS DeCal

cs 198 : Spring 2019

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Syllabus (Spring 2019)

  • First class: Tuesday, 1/29 in 145 Moffit
  • Week Lecture (Tuesday) Lab (Thursday) Assignments
     Tues 1/29 
    Thurs 1/31
    Introduction to Swift
    lab1: Swift Playgrounds
    Tues 2/5
    Thurs 2/7
    More Swift
    lab2: Workplace
    Tues 2/12
    Thurs 2/14
    Storyboard + AutoLayout + MVC
    lab3: Drummer proj1: Hangman
    Tues 2/19
    Thurs 2/21
    Multiview Apps
    lab4: ImagePicker
    Tues 2/26
    Thurs 2/28
    (assets) (demo)
    lab5: Snapchat Navigation proj2: Snapchat 1
    Tues 3/5
    Thurs 3/7
    Gestures + Networking
    lab6: Cryptocurrency Ticker
    Tues 3/12
    Thurs 3/14
    Swift Libraries + Firebase
    lab7: Snapchat Networking Final Project Assigned
    Tues 3/19
    Thurs 3/21
    AVFoundation + LocationKit/MapKit
    (MapKit demo)
    Final Project Checkoffs
    lab8: Camera Sampler
    Tues 3/26
    Thurs 3/28
    Spring Break Spring Break Final Project
    Tues 4/2
    Thurs 4/4
    Programmatic Design + Wireframing
    Guest Lecturer: Nik
    (Figma demo) (demo)
    lab9: Programmatic Design Sampler
    Tues 4/9
    Thurs 4/11
    Data Persistence
    lab10: Data Persistence Sampler
    Tues 4/16
    Thurs 4/18
    ARKit + CoreML
    (ARKit demo) (CoreML demo)
    lab11: CoreML Sampler
    Tues 4/23
    Thurs 4/25
    Advanced Swift + Objective-C
    lab12: Objective-C Sampler
    Tues 4/30
    Thurs 5/2
    Miscellaneous Topics Final Project Work Day
    Tues 5/7
    Thurs 5/9
    RRR Week RRR Week Final Project Showcase
    (attendance mandatory!)

    Course Staff

    (Contact course staff by making a private post on Piazza)


    RJ Pimentel
    RJ Pimentel
    David Xiong
    David Xiong

    Teaching Assistants

    Stephen Boyle
    Stephen Boyle
    Sunbin Kim
    Sunbin Kim
    Matthew Lam
    Matthew Lam
    Thuan Phung
    Thuan Phung
    Nikhil Yerasi
    Nikhil Yerasi



    Time/ Location

    Each week, we will have one lecture and one lab, with attendance being required for both.

    Course Description

    The iOS DeCal was started by Professor Dan Garcia (now our Faculty Advisor) in as MS-DOS X, a student-run Objective-C course for OS X (and later iOS) development. Rebooted in the Fall 2015 semester, the renamed iOS DeCal now operates with the latest devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV). By the end of the semester, students will have created a variety of apps, including one entirely of their own design.


    Labs: 1pt each (8pts total)
    Assignments: 4pts each (12pts total)
    Custom App: 10pts

    Total: 30 pts (21pts needed to pass)

    Prerequisites/ Requirements

    Course Advisor

    Dan Garcia
    2001 - current

    Former Facilitators

    Nithi Narayanan
    Nithi Narayanan
    spring 2018, fall 2018
    Daniel Phiri
    spring 2018
    Chris Zielinski
    Chris Zielinski
    fall 2017, spring 2018
    Paige Plander
    spring 17, fall 17, spring 18
    Akilesh Bapu
    spring 2017
    Kuriakose (Sony) Theakanath
    fall 2016
    Lucy Xiao
    fall 2016
    Gene Yoo
    fall 2015, spring 2016
    Shawn D'Souza
    fall 2015, spring 2016

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