Project 1: Hangman

Due Thurs 2/28 at 11:59 PM

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In this project, you will be working in teams of up to two to make an iOS application for the Hangman game. Users should be able to:

This project will be relatively free-form; you'll receive full credit as long as your app meets the basic requirements we have set. Feel free to customize your app in whichever ways you want though! Here's a screenshot from a past project submission for some inspiration:

Getting Started

Begin by pulling onto your local computer as usual:

  1. Open Terminal and navigate to the iosdecal-sp19 directory using cd.

  2. Use git pull to fetch this project's starter code.

We haven't provided you with much to start this project because we want you to get practice with creating an app from (almost) scratch. We've included some image assets for you to use (see assets.xcassets), but other than that you're on your own for this project.

If you get stuck, refer to the lecture slides and demos - specifically for Lecture 3 (AutoLayout + MVC). Don't be afraid to ask other groups or TAs for help if you need it. Good luck!


The Basics (1pt)

Game View (2pt)

Game Logic and States (1 pt)

Bells & Whistles (up to 1pt extra credit)

We'll give partial Bells & Whistles extra credit as we see fit - only truly exceptional projects will earn the full point.

Tips and Hints

Loading Phrases from a File

For your model, you'll need to be able to load phrases from an external file. You can do this with Property List files, or .plist for short. In this case, we recommend you create a plist representing an Array of Strings that contains all your phrases.

You can create a plist directly in Xcode by going to File > New > File in your menubar, and selecting Property List (under Resource). Give it a name like phrases.plist, and put it in your Model folder group.

You can add new items to your plist by right-clicking the top row (the drop down labeled Root) and selecting Add Row. Then, double-click on the empty Value field to assign the row a value. It may also be worth changing Root's type to Array from Dictionary, in the drop-down under Type.

Now that you have all your possible phrases stored in your plist as an Array of Strings, you can initialize the phrases NSArray in your model with this code:

var phrases : NSArray!
init() {
    // Replace "phrases" with your plist's filename
    let path = Bundle.main.path(forResource: "phrases", ofType: "plist")
    phrases = NSArray.init(contentsOfFile: path!)

Working with Image Assets

Somewhere in your controller, you'll probably want to update a UIImageView representing your game progress with new images.

We've included some starter images in assets.xcassets (labeled hangman1 to hangman7). To reference one of these images in your code, use the Image literal and double-click it to select which image to refer to.

For example, if we have a UIImageView called Image, we can set the current image programatically like so:

Note: You'll need to have built your project at least once for this to work - otherwise, double-clicking the Image literal won't do anything.

We highly reccomend you replace the Hangman images we've provided with ones of your own. To do this, double-click Assets.xcassets to bring the Asset Catalog up, then in the + menu at the bottom click Create Image Set. From there, you can rename your asset in the sidebar, and drag-and-drop an image in (refer to the assets we've provided to see where everything should go).

Alerts (Pop-Up Boxes)

Part of our criteria requires you to use alerts to display certain changes in the game state. See this Apple Developer article for a quick guide on how to configure and display an alert.

If you want to customize your alerts even more, read this article for tips on how to do so.


Each group only needs to submit once. Your submission for this project consists of two parts:

  1. Project Files
  2. Presentation Video

Project Files

You'll be submitting your Xcode project folder, zipped up. You can do this by right-clicking the outermost Hangman folder, and selecting Compress.

It's your responsibility to make sure we can run your project, so before submitting, try unzipping your file and make sure it still builds and runs properly. We'll severely dock your score if we can't run your project, so be warned!

Presentation Video

You and your partner (if applicable) must create a short 1-2 minute screencast presenting your project and talking about your design decisions. QuickTime works great for this - you can start a new screen recording with File > New Screen Recording, and set your microphone with the drop-down menu next to the record button. This video doesn't need to be polished or scripted/edited, we just want to see you demonstrating your own project and hear about how it came together!

If you are working with a partner for this project, both people must appear in the voiceover for your video - no exceptions! Feel free to use our class's office hours and labs to coordinate and record.

In your video, you must show/address the following topics:

Submitting Your Project

Fill out this Google Form to submit your project. Only one submission is required per group, but make sure both peoples' names/emails/SIDs are correct before submitting. Attach your project as a .zip and your screencast as a .mov/.m4v (or some other appropriate file type) in the appropriate fields.

This project is due Thurs 2/28 at 11:59 PM. If you need accommodations (DSP or emergency or otherwise), please contact us via private Piazza post at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, late submissions will receive 50% credit, and we will not be accepting late submissions after Sun 3/3, 11:59 PM.